My Itv Local News Channel Has Suddenly Switched Itself Over To. Meridian

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Stargazer | 00:18 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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instead of Anglia which it has been on over the many years I have the tv. I watch it through the Sky channel as there is no reception otherwise. Anyone know how to change it back. I did fall over and knocked the set quite hard but the remote control was nowhere near. Daughter wondered it that had done it!


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See here:

That thread is about Granada/Yorkshire, rather than Anglia/Meridian, but the main thrust of what I wrote there remains true. i.e. it might well be the result of a technical problem, either in Anglia's studios or in Sky's own system, which will self-rectify soon anyway.

If that doesn't happen though, just add Anglia as an 'extra channel' to your Sky box (by following the instructions in the link I've provided), so that you'll always be able to access it.
I think it is to do with the upgrade for ITV region news to HD. Some regions were lost on 20th October. So they became part of a larger Meridian. That is all I have found via
I've just discovered how out of date I am!

On reading Kwillmott's post I found myself thinking "That can't make sense. Anglia serves the area around Norwich, whereas Meridian serves the area around Southampton, so they obviously don't share a common boundary". However my brain seems to be stuck back in the days when Southern TV, and then TVS, only broadcast to the area around the south coast:
I'd not realised that these days their successor, Meridian, actually covers a far wider area
and does, indeed, share a boundary with the Anglia region.

So Kwillmott's post might well be relevant if Stargazer lives close to the Anglia/Meridian boundary (but clearly less so if Stargazer lives, say, on the North Norfolk coast). It certainly fits with the 20 October date for the changes on Sky and Freesat indicated here:

If that's the case then the change to Meridian is probably both intentional and permanent but it will still be possible to watch the Anglia region content by using the 'extra channel' route that I've mentioned above.
I only discovered about this by accident. I was doing a check of my freeview channels, to see if a returned was required. And stumbled on this info, that seemed related to the question.

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My Itv Local News Channel Has Suddenly Switched Itself Over To. Meridian

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