Gordon Ramsay's Uncharted

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Prudie | 12:29 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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Is anyone else watching this series? I'm really enjoying the off the track locations he's visiting rather than the actual food element. Last night he was in Guyana and speared a huge bird eating spider with a stick (under the eye of a local guide), roasted it over a fire and ate the legs. It was horrendous, I just can't get the vision of that thing wriggling on the stick out of my mind. I don't think I could eat that for a million pounds.


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I've watched bits...usually catching it by accident. I think I caught it on the Food Channel. It's quite a good series.
Haven't seen it but I would certainly eat a spider a million quid.
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There are many things I'd do for a million quid, including having sex with Robert Redford but my spider phobia is so great I couldn't do that. The series I'm watching is on National Geographic.
Bear Grylls does that sort of thing as well
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Yes Bear Grylls does it a survival though, this is about what locals usually eat and turning it into fine dining.
Rob's a bit old now...I'll stick with the spider option.

Prudie - god that made me laugh re RR!!
As for the spider- I also have a phobia but I think if it was well and truly dead and roasted then I’d give it a go lol!
“There are many things I'd do for a million quid, including having sex with Robert Redford“

Me too,
After reading this yesterday I watched an episode. It wasn’t the one with the spider but one where Gordon (fully dressed, shoes and all) was obliged to leap from a considerable height out of a helicopter into a raging ocean and swim quite a distance to the shore. The rest of the programme centred mainly around him collecting worms whilst worrying that watching rhinos would attack, and fishing whilst worrying that watching hippos might attack and that he couldn't outrun them. An insult to the intelligence. I won’t be watching again.
He’s wary of rhino’s and hippo critical.

God’s teeth what an eejit.
//There are many things I'd do for a million quid, including having sex with Robert Redford //

Would that be on horseback while galloping towards the Bolivian border , being chased by a posse ?
Well Bazille has just turned a perfectly innocent ambition into a kinky escapade.

Still. Yes.

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Gordon Ramsay's Uncharted

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