kids tv programme from the 90s

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aftershock_1 | 09:44 Wed 30th Nov 2005 | Media & TV
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there was a programme on in the late 90s about a family. it always started with the girl coming home from school and throwing her bag in her room. she would then jump in, jump out and she would have different clothes on. also, you could see the dog's thought bubbles.


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I recall it, she had an older sister who was a bit of a goth and she met some guy who was all 'eco' so she went all 'eco' and sold all her stuff. I think it was called 'Mad House'. The same girl was in that program that use to be on Sunday evening swhich also had Pauline Quirk (sp) in where they lived on a farm.

i remember this 1 and the alarm clock would go off really loud in the morning and someone had a megaphone and would wake everyone up and there was also a dog that barked really loudly all the time. I can't remember the name of it though..
Was it the Wild House?
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thanks guys - i have searched and it was indeed called wild house. They also used to talk to the camera and have their horoscopes read to them with swirly patterns in the background!

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kids tv programme from the 90s

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