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smurfchops | 16:36 Tue 22nd Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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Joanna Lumley and David Lamb (Come Dine with Me). They are both so false. Any more. Oh yes, and Lorraine Kelly.


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Angela Rayner.
I only watch CDWM because of Dave Lamb. That is not his natural voice but I think he is hilarious. I can hear nothing wrong with Joanna Lumley's voice, either.
Piers Morgan
I don't think Joanna Lumley is false at all, I like to hear an old fashioned cultured voice, a rarity these days. Now the woman who does the Dreams bed ads, every time she says Dreeeeamzzzzzz it's like a drill going through my brain.
Michael Gove.
Dion Dublin.
Simon Cowell.
Gary (Match of the day ) I can see what's happening, don't
need him and his cronies waffling on.
Joanna Lumley has a beautiful speaking voice, not false at all, I know people who speak just like her. Lorraine Kelly has a Scottish accent For Funks Sake! So you seriously thing she puts it on and is really from Essex.?
David Lamb is the best thing about Come Dine with me.
Smurfchops - what accent do you have then?
You'd have a Dicky fit if you heard me speak -most people think I'm from South Africa!
Nicola Sturgeon
Alan Carr, Sarah Cox, James Nesbitt.
Is that Natalie Casey from Two Pints of Lager that narrates the Dreams ad? She's everywhere at the moment.
I love Dave Lamb's voice and his wit. Joanna Lumley just talks that way and I don't find it irritating at all.

Totally agree about the Sturgeon woman, but then she just grates anyway !
Some voices I could listen to all day - Sean Bean and that Scottish man with the long black hair that does wildlife programmes.
I think the Dreams advert voiceover is done by Caroline Quinten.
Kay Burley, Beth Rigby both so grating.
Oh come on not Piers Morgan ~ lol
Gino de Campo grates on me. Antoine de Caunes (EuroTrash) grated on me because he was a friend, and I knew he put on that exaggerated French accent it was horrible!
David Lamb is often the ONLY good thing about Come Dine With Me.
Dave Lamb is brilliant.
I remember Eurotrash. Bizarre but very amusing. Terry Christian's voice used to grate on me on The Word.
Definitely Lorraine Kelly.

The incredibly fat Gemma Collins.

Anne Reid.

Andrew Marr.

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Irritating Voices

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