Irritating Voices

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smurfchops | 17:36 Tue 22nd Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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Joanna Lumley and David Lamb (Come Dine with Me). They are both so false. Any more. Oh yes, and Lorraine Kelly.


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Don't watch CDWM so i Googled 'David Lamb voice' and found 'Dave Lamb - Sue Terry Voices'. On it, there are 5 examples of the voices he uses; Commercial Montage, Natural Narration, Serious Narration, Natural Read and Upbeat, Energetic Narration. He sounds quite normal in all bar the last which he uses for CDWM.
The dreadful whine of Jeremy Vine...I can't bear his voice....he has to be switched off as soon as he speaks on tv or radio. Can cope with everyone else.
A selection of my 'pet hate voices'; Graham Norton, Alan Carr, Ray Winston, Ryland Whatshisname, Danny Dyer & Jim Davidson.
Oh yeah, and Carol Vorderman's forced laugh.
Oh, i'd forgotten all about Jeremy Vine. Like fingernails on a blackboard:-(
I have to agree on Jeremmy Vine his voice is incredibly whiny .
//Piers Morgan//

I don't find his voice annoying. Just the *** he comes out with.
//The incredibly fat Gemma Collins.//

Bit unnecessary DD. Her voice is grating though.

The "Perf with Serf" girl annoys the hell out of me.
The lady what does masterchef. Makes me want to kick the telly in, but then again so does Greg Wallace’s face. I don’t watch it any more.
My voice grates on me, it’s awful.
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Gino d’Campo? He isn’t even Italian. Listen to him in the background of Holly and Phil on YouTube, talking on his phone (hope this link works) ..

Another one with a fake accent is Ian Towning, the so called French antiques dealer, apparently from East London ....
I hope that was a joke smurf lol!
Two irritating voices , David Lamb , Rees mogg.
Rees-Mogg has a lovely speaking voice
Robert Peston.
-- answer removed --
The perf with Surf girl is Dani Dyer (daughter of Danny) and i thought the Dreams Welsh girl was Joanna Page?
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PollyGrey no it’s not a joke, it’s a fake Italian accent! Must admit that is one accent I love ....
Isn Towning is fake from head to toe
A wish my voice was like most of those, sounding confident, intresting and manly/womanly. Am more like Owain the weatherman myself voice wise but with lots of ums and ers and dry up sometimes . Am specially liking Joana Lumley & Sean Bean actaully. But agree dont like listen to Danny Dier yet like STacy Dooly even though also Essex or is it Cockney
Katherone Ryan and all those other Nprth American women with screechy voices.

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Irritating Voices

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