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Bazile | 14:21 Tue 01st Sep 2020 | Media & TV
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Is that Sam , good or what ?

Words and names that I and most people I suspect have never heard of

Name of a 12 century Syrian pipe , for example

I don't think he has failed to get any of the numbers either

Even Rachel had to take a few seconds today to work out the maths in his solution for the last numbers game today


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Nobody on here been watching countdown today or over the last week ?

Sam's impressive. Averaging around 120 per match, restricting challengers to scoring in one or two rounds. I think he's only failed to score in three rounds so far. I felt a bit sorry for the bloke who only scored once.
Are they new episodes or rehashes of old ones? I've not watched during lockdown as it was all repeats.

New episodes started three weeks ago, socially distanced and no audience.
Yes, he's the best I've seen for ages. He should definitely make the final

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