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Christina Trevanion Antiques

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smurfchops | 17:16 Mon 27th Jul 2020 | Film, Media & TV
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Just switched on near the end of Antiques Road Trip, why did Christina have both wrists bandaged?


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no idea, haven't got the tv, though i do often watch the programme.
tv on....
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It was on at 4.30 BBC1
Just had a look on iplayer - she is wearing a white sweater and has her sleeves very long at times.
They weren't bandages, they look like some form of fingerless gloves.
Just watched it on iplayer and there was definitely a thumb to what she had on her hands
Presumably then she removes the thumb later in the show, was no thumb visible when I ran it on.

It's a repeat from last September.
oh no! its sweater style that has long sleeves that morph into mitts. The cuff has a thumb hole in it that holds the sleeves over your hands.
At the start of the programme, she had on a flowery top, a jacket and the white fingerless gloves.
I know the style Woof, later in the show whilst shopping and picking things up her hands were fully on show and the sleeves pushed up.

I once had a stripey sweater similar.
damn I was wondering

she found a seventies toy called clackers
and had by playing with it / them - got a late case of 'clackers wrists'

[Other gadgets that have been banned over the years include clackers, the toy that broke wrists in primary schools all over the UK in the seventies. It had two plastic balls attached to one piece of string that the user could hold to make the balls crack against each other like a cheap newton's cradle on acid.]

she had slave bangles tattoed on as a bike girl . bikers 'old lday'
got chucked out for whatever
and had to burn them off

she had had a christian cross + tattoed on the inside of the wrist - and read that it was on the latest terrorist arrested in London and she would be arrested for terrorism if any policeman saw !

er run out of ideas
...and breathe.
If you watch from the start, she is not wearing a white sweater and at about 4 minutes in, you can see they're some form of fingerless gloves and they're scrunched up at the wrists.
I confess to not paying much attention to her wrists when she graces my telly.
So many more interesting aspects of her to absorb. :-p
Easy tiger!

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Christina Trevanion Antiques

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