Why Do People Look More Realistic/Detailed In A Movie?

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Lombax | 20:47 Sat 04th Jul 2020 | Media & TV
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In movies, it looks like the actors have a filter wich makes them look more real, and also often more beautiful.


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more real than real life?
It's a combination of make-up and lighting - both things are sadly absent from those of us not being filmed at any time.
you think make-up has vanished from the real world. andy? I hate to disillusion you, but...
I would imagine it's all down to budget and the length of time it takes to shoot movies and a tv series. The higher the budget, the better the lighting and the more proficient the make-up artists. Also, a film may take 6 months or more to produce whereas an episode of a tv series will probably taken no more than a week, max.
They teach 'em in acting school how to act more real & beautiful.

It's served me well over the years.
Good lighting innit?
Post production and CGI has its place too.
I think the cameras are higher definition and the overall lighting / makeup more artful.
Further to my previous answer - you can only guild a lilly.

I recall being fascinated watching Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct because never before or since has she looked so luminously beautiful as she did in that film, thanks to the way she was lit and made up - but the director and lighting cameraman needed Sharon Stone to be drop dead gorgeous to start with, in order to have something to work with, and enhance, and of course, she was, and is.
well she is not the dead one obviously ( charlie manson)

it is being telegenic innit? I recall someone who looked blokeish like myself or Andie H - put a camera NEAR him and he changed into The Marlborough Man ( fella perched on a horse - that one)

turn camera away and he went back to looking like Zena Lavarone

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Why Do People Look More Realistic/Detailed In A Movie?

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