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Not sure.

As I have said on another thread, reunions are tricky to pull off.

What I, and I am sure all the fans, would want, is a credible re-start of the series, not just the old cast getting together because they need the money, or are bored at home.
Wouldn't be the same without John Mahoney.
...or Eddie.

In cheers Frasier was one the least likely charchters to spin-off from the bar, I didn't think it'd work tbh. Pleased to have being so wrong.
I'll look forward to this more than the Friends Reunion
I'm not so sure. Without John Mahoney (and indeed, Eddie), it will feel somewhat incomplete. I'll watch it, but with trepidation.
I don’t think that this is a good idea,
I would like to remember how it was brilliant,
I don’t think that it would work,
Then again what do I know?
Question Author
The reboot of a series without the original cast nearly always leaves me thinking about the original people when I watch

There are a few exceptions - Hawai five o is one

In the case of Frasier , I think it could work .
Only one of the original cast will be missing -
ok two if you include Eddie

We will just have to wait and see
I think it could work, even without John Mahoney. OFAH went on quite successfully without Grandad, Suits didn't suffer with the loss of Megan, Grey's Anatomy has lost many regulars over the years, but you just get used to it.
Can’t wait loved it when they updated will and Grace
Wow, is there some of them still around then ?
Would've thought that the doc would have retired by now.
Don't know about this reunion, but I've watched some of the episodes of Friends which have been on recently, and it looks so dated now, with a lot of over-acting going on, particularly the three men. They should leave things be.

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