When Is Paul O'grady Coming Back To Radio 2 On Sunday Afternoons?

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DeeLicious | 18:29 Sun 16th Feb 2020 | Media & TV
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I cannot bear Alan Carr and Mel Sykes. Why don't they have Len Goodman standing in for Paul, like they used to? He's the only one who can fill the O'Grady shoes


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I quite like Alan and Mel , not as much as Paul but I think thier clumsy attempts at presenting are entertaining
I think Alan and Mel are popular, and I would suggest that they are more popular than Len Goodman.

Unfortunately, the powers that be fail to appreciate that it is not the 'personality', it's the personality in the format that works.

Len Goodman in Strictly came over as an avuncular and knowledgeable gent with an element of cockney charm, and he was limited in terms of time and exposure.

As usual, the TV bosses made the fatal mistake of assuming that the appeal was him personally, not him in that context, so they gave him a quiz show and some radio shows on his own and, hey presto ...

Without the cushion of the successful format, and lengthy exposure to Len on his own, he is discovered to be a one-trick pony, a rather boring and colourless individual whose 'cockernee' charm wilts amazingly quickly after ten minutes or so of constant exposure to it.

Cue a fade into the background, and the phone not ringing to say Paul O'Grady needs a stand-in.
Jodie Prenger has stood in in the past. I quite liked her , perhaps she's working on stage at the moment and not available.
I like Alan and Mel, but find Len Goodman useless and dreary. Just shows how different we all are (which is good)
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not as big an absence as Piers Morgan on GMB though. His are huge shoes to fill, and Richard Madeley is godawful!

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When Is Paul O'grady Coming Back To Radio 2 On Sunday Afternoons?

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