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DeeLicious | 10:53 Mon 11th Nov 2019 | Media & TV
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Has the new CRACKERJACK started on BBC kids telly yet and if so what is it like?


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No sign of it yet.
They're stocking up on cabbages:-)
the original was great fun..
Jillian Comber. :-)
I didn't know this was a thing. Modern kids' TV updates have been better than expected recently. The new version of Dangermouse still had the heart of the original and CBeebies update of The Clangers was every bit as enchanting as the original.
can't see today's kids getting excited about winning a marbled propelling pencil

I loved the bit where they put their own words to pop songs.
Toe curlingly bad.
They should make it as nostalgic crackerjack and have us ‘originals’ playing
I suspect kids in my day didn't get too excited about winning a marbled propelling pencil. But the thought of being awarded something with the program's name on it probably had kudos.
You should have waited til 5 to 5 on Friday to post this.

Can I get my Crackerjack pencil?
It won't be shown until next year:
Ah yes, back in the day when they had people who appealed to children as much as mumps!!!

Peter Glaze anyone???

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