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What The Durrells Did Next

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retrocop | 23:16 Sun 19th May 2019 | Film, Media & TV
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Did any one watch this programme tonight. I was very disappointed. Mainly a big promotion for Gerald Durrells Jersey zoo. Even had the Princess Royal on the programme just to talk about Gerald.
I believe Larry led a far more intriguing life in the Middle East during the 2nd WW and Cyprus in the mid 50's.Possibly a government Intelligence agent. Very little about Lesley except he went to Kenya and was into agriculture and later had a coronary attack.
Pretty shabby account of their exploits in later life. some may not give a hoot but if you make this programme then make the entire family inclusive.
Again they gloss over the fact that Larry was married and persuaded his mother and siblings to emigrate to Corfu in 1936. No mention of that in the TV series.
Best read their books in my opinion. More information given about their later life than the pathetic rendering shown on the ITV programme tonight. :-(


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Sorry. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I was sorry to hear you felt that way, personally I thought it finished the story off nicely. I read Geralds books many years ago and Ive been to his zoo in Jersey.The thing that always stuck in my mind was the fact that one day a week he didnt feed his animals which he believed was for their wellbeing.
Yes I thoroughly enjoyed last nights programme too.
Great ending to the series, and isn't
Keeley Hawes lovely?
really enjoyed it, nothing not to like in the whole programme

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What The Durrells Did Next

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