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ouibonjour | 09:56 Mon 11th Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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Any else watched the new Misomer Murders? So much going on -I only understood half of the plot. I actually didn't think it was up to the usual standard. different writer? - different director or what? What does anyone else think?


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I Didn't watch it but Mrs sqad did and here are her comments.
1) Didn't feel like previous Midsomers......felt...lightweight.
2) She didn't like the new pathologist.
3)She felt that there was too much going on.
4)The beginning was convoluted and confusing.
Bring back John Nettles, he's only 76. Jack Warner worked well into his eighties as Dixon.
I started to watch it but got a bit lost, so swtiched over to Netflix and Afterlife. I love Ricky Gervais, he really does touch the line sometimes, but manages to make this series very sad and very funny. Clever man.
I gave the first episode of After Life a whirl last night, Sam, and agree entirely with what you say. One or two LOL moments and some very clever dialogue. Definitely watch more. As for MM, i'm afraid i stopped watching eons back. Endeavour it aint.
I haven't watched Midsomer Murders before. I watched this one and lost the thread. That may be my fault though because the same thing happens when I watch VERA. I think "too much going on" sums up both series. Too many commercial breaks, some of which seem very long, don't help with concentration!

Boring. ;o(
Never been the same since John Nettles played the leading part.

Can't stand Neil Dudgeon as Barnaby he is so unconvincing and his new side-kick isn't a patch on Detective Sergeant Troy.
I don't watch MM but agree with the other comments re Afterlife - fantastically written and well worth a butchers.
//She didn't like the new pathologist//
the dog wasn't keen either ...

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