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jennyjoan | 12:40 Sun 10th Mar 2019 | Media & TV
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I have Sky - but there is an advertisement on at the mo - talking about Sky Cinema Movies - now what is that about.

Will we have to pay more and when are they coming to our Sky package. Thanks


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Sky Cinema is the new name for Sky Movies and the cost depends on your current package with Sky.
Sky Movies has always been part of sky but, yes, they’re not free. A few quid.
There should be a button on your remote which takes you straight there. If not it’s on the first Menu page.
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thanks for that Zac - I pay around £32 a month and that's only for basic package - I would be interested in the Sky movies so how would I find out how much more per month I would need to pay. thanks
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can't ring them but maybe could email them
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for tigger - it is ages since I logged into my Sky - I have changed my password 3 times and it won't let me log in. Any other way I can contact them. I'll have to go soon. Any answers I will follow up later. Thanks
If you have a basic Sky package, I think an upgrade to Sky Cinema will be about £10 per month. Why not get someone to help you with the telephone, like you did when sorting your BT package?

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Sky Cinema Movie

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