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A Dangerous Dynasty - The House Of Assad

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Stargazer | 23:19 Tue 23rd Oct 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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I have been glued to the three programmes explaining how Syria has imploded and how the self effacing Bashar has not been overthrown. I am trying to understand all the chaos in the Middle East and which way it is going!


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excellent series i must agree, all these counties in the middle east are tribal if Bashar al-Assad gets overthrown another despot will arise and so it goes on
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It is opening my eyes a little bit to try to learn about the history of this region but it goes back further still until biblical times. One thing they have in common is the hatred of Israel by all these Muslim/Arab nations.
It was an, unsurprisingly, biased aBBC production. 3 hours detailing the war in Syria and ISIS got a fleeting mention 5 minutes from the end.
Lots of honest analysis from the CIA and MI6, lol.
Didn't see it. Did they mention this - the real reason regime change is all about?
I think it proved one thing his wife is as guilty as he is.
Why would you believe anything you see on the aBBC?

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A Dangerous Dynasty - The House Of Assad

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