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Short Film - Possibly...

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B00 | 12:21 Thu 18th Oct 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Think it was from the 80's or at least that's when I watched it.

The premise being it's about a tunbleweed and the 'adventures' it has as it, well, tumbles across the desert.

The only bit of the film I remember was that the tumbleweed at one point was collected by some children at Christmas time and used as their tree as they were too poor to buy a proper one.

I'm fairly certain it was a 'short' film, and obviously not very popular as Google isn't being very helpful in locating it.

Anyone any ideas?


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Anything like this?

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Very much so!

But I'm almost positive it was a film (well, 80% sure!) that it was a film im thinking of, I distinctly remember 2 children, a boy and a girl finding it, taking it home, and decorating it.

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Short Film - Possibly...

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