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Strippy | 10:59 Wed 02nd Nov 2005 | Media & TV
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I always buy a stand up comedy DVD for someone at christmas, but i'm not sure who to go for this year. Can anyone recommend any? Thank you!


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Thats a difficult one as not everyones sense of humour is the same. You only have to read responses in some of these topics to see what one finds humorous another finds offensive. Best to get someone to descreatly ask what the person would like.

eddie murphy's raw or delerious (i think) are both quite funny if u don't have them already. n peter kaye always goes down well
Tim Vine's DVD (Came out last year), is full of groaner puns, but it's great after a few drinks and with the mates around. Probably not one to watch sober, but good clean fun.
Or Eddie Izzard i think he's hilarious
Ross Noble is a good one. But as maggie01 said, not everyone's taste is the same. What comedians did you get before? Perhaps that could help us find you someone similar.
Al Murray, The pub landlord. Saw him on sky comedy this week and he was brilliant:where do chickens come from=China,where do spuds come from =Ireland, where do wicker baskets come from=(forgot this one but lets say india),British ingenuity put them all together and what have you got?.... chicken and chips in a basket.

i'd go for "bill bailey part troll" myself. i saw it on telly and i thought it was the funniest act i've seen for a while. so I'm using this post as a hint to my boyfriend to buy it for me for x-mas.

but as maggie said it might not be everyones cup of tea

lee evans if you like hyper blokes ,but peter kay is always good if a bit repetitive.

bill hicks - its just a ride

or any of the other ones for that matter

aggressive and disturbing and above all makes me think as well as laugh every time i watch it

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