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natalie_1982 | 09:33 Wed 02nd Nov 2005 | Media & TV
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Last night I was watching the 100 greatest thing on Ch4. I was kind of dozing and remember some footage when Michael Parkinson was sat at a desk (reading the news?) and everything started blowing verywhere. Was this real or made for a film?


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I watched that programme, I believe the footage you're talking about is from the BBC programme ********** which was broadcast quite a while ago. It was done in a reality style, with Michael Parkinson as the link in the studio, there was also presenter at a 'haunted house' with a Poltergeist. I think the idea was the ahost had also infiltrated the studio! Caused a wee bit of hysteria at the time, lots of people thought it was real. I may be wrong though!

Don't you just love the ABSFT (AnswerBank Sweary Filter Thingy)? (see if that fools the ABSFT) was broadcast in 1992 and starred Michael Parkinson and Sarah Greene, the former Blue Peter presenter. The idea of getting them in was to make it look like a real documentary and although it was billed as a drama in the Radio Times, many people believed it to be real.

I stumbled upon it by accident, having not seen the Radio Times, and thought it was real to start with, although it did start getting silly later. There were accounts at the time of some teenager committing suicide because he had been so utterly taken in by it. This may be the reason why the BBC has never repeated it.

I remember watching this on Halloween, with my cousins, and my sister at 9 years old, (why my mum didn't object to me watching it I don't know!) and it absolutely scared the * out of me!
I had nightmares for about 2/3 days, even though my mum drummed it into my head that it wasn't real.
I think the thing that spooked me the most was because I'm sure there was a bit where the ghost (pipes) was supposed to be behind the curtain and I think there was a shadow of him or something.
Do you think I would sleep with the curtains closed after that? Hell No!!
As taken off of IMDB...
Earned the dubious honour of being the first TV programme to be cited in the British Medical Journal as having caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in children
That's how scary it was!
Although if I watched it now, I'd probably think it was pants!

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