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Coronation Street Gay Rape Storyline

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mushroom25 | 11:36 Sat 17th Mar 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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suitable pre-watershed material? accepting the issues being aired are "socially important", is it "socially important" to expose young children to material like this? or is it intolerant old beggars like me that need to get a life?


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I remember that one with the peanuts hc, it was horrible, he speaks to Gail like dirt and laughs at her yet she's stood by him through thick and thin.
you do know that all that is shown as far as a "rape" is concerned has already been aired i the last episode ??
very disturbing but well presented without being graphic...

I don't think that I said that it would.


Coronation Street Gay Rape Storyline

Your reply
It would seem that our once comical and enjoyable soaps have been taken over by the LBGT's agenda.

Then what is your point?

I think AOG was merely pointing out that almost every Tv drama and soap nowadays are promoting the LGBT agenda of bringing gay,lesbian, trans gender issues etc. to the attention of the public. Nothing more than that.
I'm not sure why AOG introduced the notion of promoting the LGBT agenda into a thread on male rape but hopefully AOG accepts that the rape of a male is not promoting the LGBT agenda- just as the rape of a woman by a man would not be promoting the 'straight' agenda

Thank you andres, you explained it perfectly.

I wasn't looking forward to it, but thank goodness it wasn't graphic at all (didn't think it would be really). Josh, I believe, just carries on as normal.
It was obviously an 'issue' they hadn't covered yet but now they can tick that box and move onto the next.
Since video and catch up I think the watershed has become largely unenforceable.
Andy and Vinnie's murders were far more shocking and graphic than the rape of David.
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Coronation Street Gay Rape Storyline

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