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Caran | 00:33 Mon 26th Feb 2018 | Media & TV
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How long is Fizz going to be looking after Cilla?
Get me Out of Here finished months ago.
I know they film so much in advance but this is a bit ridiculous.


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Not really. :)
She'll definitely be back within the next two weeks - March 2nd at the latest.
They film 3 months in advance
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Thank you hc4361
Can't say I've missed her.
I won't miss Pat Phelan when he goes. Come on Eileen, wake up!!
It was a ridiculous storyline Fiz leaving her family at Christmas to look after Cilla who didn’t really care about them and now Roy is going to look after his mother who has hurt herself or something why don’t they just write them out for the period of time the are away.
Where is Norris.!!
Maybe he's gone to see Emily
All soap actors sign an rolling twelve-month contract under which they are guaranteed an agreed number of appearances.

Writers come up with reasons why characters are missing, and then they re-appear when their contracted break is over.

It beats how they used to do it in Crossroads - Benny would go out to 'top fields' and be missing for two years!
Malcolm Hebden is ill in really life so that's why we havnt seen Norris.

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