New Season Of "wheeler Dealers"

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SurreyGuy | 20:56 Tue 02nd Jan 2018 | Media & TV
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Ignoring the fact that the really annoying Mike Brewer is still involved with this programme, I was interested to see what Ant Anstead was like as a replacement for Edd China (both of whom I like).

Ant proved to be a very able replacement for Edd, although it would have been nice to see just a bit more technical stuff rather than being subjected to Brewer blowing smoke up his own backside!

I was really excited when I saw that this new episode was to feature the Ford Escort RS Cosworth as it's one of my dream cars! However, I was slightly disappointed that this series is yet another one that will be set in America - WHY??!!

So, I was wondering what other viewers thought of the programme.


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It's pretty grim fare these days, especially when the fat used car salesman makes out that dropping into a motor factor is the brainwave of the century and takes credit for spending money.

Wonder if they'll make a pwofit.

Only because there are no labour charges passed on.
"...this series is yet another one that will be set in America - WHY??!! "

Because it is a US series now.

London based production company Attaboy TV made the first 12 series with a view of reaching an international market so they sourced some cars from around Europe and by series 8 were importing cars directly from the US.

Series 12 added a US workshop alongside their new UK workshop. By this time the programme was so popular in the US that Velocity (a Discovery subsidiary) bought the format off Attaboy TV to make series 13 and beyond predominantly for the US market. Format changes in series 13 are part of the reason Edd left, opening the door for Ant in series 14.
The fat used car salesman on Ed China !.

I haven't seen the new guy yet.

I would like to see Fuzz and Ed working together - nothing against Tim Shaw just he's just too silly.
Thankfully I noticed Mike had toned down his act somewhat and wasn't advertising his own company on his clothing.
Never seen Ant in anything else but he does remind me of Grif Rhys Jones.
I miss Edd.

Still prefer Car SOS but will keep watching the new series.
Tuvok, Fuzz is my favourite for this type of show but the format is always one straight mechanic and one clown. Can't see it working with two mechanics.
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Thanks for all the responses folks.
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Does anyone know the details of the "very bad things" that Brewer says Edd did that led to him being "given the opportunity to leave (the programme)"?
Edd didn't do any bad things and left because he didn't like the way the programme was going.
If it was anything else, I doubt we'll ever know
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hc4361 - I'm simply going on what Brewer said in the YouTube clip that tonyav posted.
Yeah, Mike Brewer has said a lot on social media, too - he responds badly to criticism.
Just watched the first ep. (although as usual I fast forward the Mike Brewer segments - I gain no enjoyment from the feigned buying and and selling of vehicles nor from his masterful sourcing of components from t'internet and/or motorfactors).

Ant's technical/mechanical section was watchable but seemed to me somewhat thin e.g. half of it was making a fibreglass teatray and the other half refurbing a turbo, which although superbly informative ended with the throwaway line "... after getting it balanced, which is essential" - okey-dokey, so a procedure not possible for me to complete in my garage.

All of this buffered by superfluous minutes of Ant drawing his version of the RS Cosworth concept design (with extra teatray) and both larking around in a wind tunnel.

Maybe the technical bits will improve... or maybe Edd was right all along.
Bernie and Leepu

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New Season Of "wheeler Dealers"

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