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Eve | 18:14 Sat 16th Dec 2017 | Media & TV
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Spoilers for those not watching the show live. Can't believe it's the final already! Really looking forward to this and especially seeing all of the show dances. So glad that we get to see all four do their show dance, must have been disappointing in previous years for the couple who went out first and didn't get to do theirs. Who is watching with me?


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Hmmm...interesting, they are doing the show dances in the middle rather than in the end!
No secret who the judges want win
giving Alex tens,
hope the public don't agree with them
Debbie and Giovanni's dance was beautiful - worthy of 4 x tens :)
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To be fair, Alexandra is a fantastic dancer and performer, not like she is being way overmarked.

That was a beautiful show dance from Debbie. Alexandra's very good too. Not one yet I'd say was a wow, that one will be remembered yet but we have Katya's chorepgraphy to come yet so could be something really different.

Just really hoping Gemma holds her own throughout, my favourite couple all through, even if they won't win, I love them.
I love Strictly but wish they would t spoil it with all the silly interloods.

Tess and Claudia making a 'surprise' visit to them in training, if it's that much of a surprise why are the celebs already practicing with mike packs attached?
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Some of the VTs are daft now generally, I preferred the older days when it was more about the training than faffing about.
Joe’s show dance was great.
I would like Joe to win.........
Alexandra is the best dancer by far
Question Author
She really is the best dancer, has the edge performance wise.
Joe and Gemma have been my favourites since week one so it's great to see them both make the final.
Joe to win ,he has come the furthest,no experience to a brilliant dancer.
Wow Miss Debbie....!
Talking to a friend of mine in Malta who is watching Strictly. Malta is an hour ahead of us, my friend wants to know if you would like to know who won.
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Ha, even if that were true, no, no, no, no, no! Debbie is phenomenal for her age, she really is.
if Joe doesn;t win then i hope Debbie gets it, their Argentine Tango was sublime

Thanks Eve, lol. Would have fooled you if you were American.
come on Joe, that's who i have followed from the start..
I think Debbie is fantastic for her age but I`m not sure you can vote for a best dancer because they are good for their age.
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I still can't decide with the top three points wise, all have reasons for them to be the winner. Not taking anything away from Gemma and Aljaz, my favourite couple throughout.

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Strictly Final Live Thread

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