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Eve | 18:14 Sat 16th Dec 2017 | Media & TV
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Spoilers for those not watching the show live. Can't believe it's the final already! Really looking forward to this and especially seeing all of the show dances. So glad that we get to see all four do their show dance, must have been disappointing in previous years for the couple who went out first and didn't get to do theirs. Who is watching with me?


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Katya's choreography is brilliant, even with Ed Balls, very clever. There has been some fantastic choreography all round though. I think Gorka has choreographed some amazing routines this series for Alexandra. Loved a lot of Debbie's too, especially that wonderful Cats themed one and with that incredible neck spin they recreated in their show dance.
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I'd also like to say thank you to you all for your company on these threads through the series :)
Do they let you know who came second third and fourth?
Doubt it, bednobs
Am disappointed it wasnt Debbie - I so wanted her to win - well what the heck - as long as they are all having a great party. It was just a fun competition after all.
It could have been anyone of three imo, jj.
I know Tony - for me it was the lovely Debbie , then Alexandra,

the sorry the last two were pretty much average. Anyway as I say hope they are all have a greet hooligan. Wish I was with them them.#

Sorry Debbie (I did vote for you for the oul folk!!!! LOL
Sorry Debbie (I did vote for you for the oul folk!!!! LOL

Nooooo jj, Debbie danced like a 20 year old imo.
I really wanted Debbie to win. I voted for her six times.
I'm a VERY unluckily gambler this year; backed 2 horses (dancers) in a 4 horse race, and lost! I'd backed Jay, then Ore to win so I felt sure I'd get the winner again but it wasn't to be. I haven't even seen it yet as I had my Class of '65 dinner! Talk about bad planning; almost as bad as Harry and Meghan getting married on cup final day. Ha ha. I'll enjoy watching my recording of Strictly tomorrow. Right now I'm off to bed. Nos da. x
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Nos da horseshoes (and bore da now!), enjoy the show when you get to watch it!

I hadn't realised that Joe was that old, or the oldest even winner.

It really would be interesting to see the breakdown of the vote, especially with the four of them. I guess they will always be wondering where they would have come had it been placed.

After all the negative publicity over Alexandra being in the last couple of dance offs, I suppose not letting one or more couple leave early and not revealing the breakdown avoids that kind of scenario potentially happening again, if she went early, especially before Gemma, or was placed last, despite getting the highest scores and how talented she is.
Debbie wuz robbed !!
Although they were both good Debbie and Alexandra have previous dancing experience and Joe has not. So he is a worthy winner. I always think it is more difficult for the man.
Heartbeat episode "England Expects" (2008)
- (nurse and girlfriend): "You missed quite a night. George is quite a man on the dance floor. Hope you're as impressive."
Joe McFadden (as PC Joe Mason): "I have a few moves that I think you might enjoy."
I've been backing Debbie all the way (not that I vote) - but I really think Alexandra excelled in the final. Oh wow! She woz robbed!
Yes, I thought Alexandra was exceptionally good. Fix.

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