Strictly - Week Six - Halloween Week

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Eve | 18:19 Sat 28th Oct 2017 | Media & TV
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Spoilers for anyone not watching live and it is likely that the dance off result will be posted when it is available online, well before the dance off tomorrow. Who else is watching and who do you think will be the next to leave? I'm looking forward to seeing all the costumes.

Apparently Susan is dancing as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, not sure who Kevin is going to be, unless he's a dragon! Can't wait to see that!


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Might not bother tonight as I loathe the Halloween edition.
I do think that some of the costumes overshadow the dancing on SCD shows. It detracts from the actual quality of dancing when the cameramen are showing us the dancers' faces on close up.
Just call me grumpy!
I'll be watching. They must have run out of Hallowe'en music by now, though

I bet 10 whole English pennies that there will be a coffin
Question Author
I like it, it's a bit of fun. Could be an interesting week as apparently Simon's leg has been causing problems, Aljaz hurt his neck in training so Amy has been helping Gemma, AJ has had a sickness bug so Mollie has had someone else helping her practice and Susan has had the bug too! Must be difficult for Gemma as the Jive must be difficult to practice without your usual partner!

I think you might be right hc :) If they are going Game of Thrones, maybe they are being a little looser with the Hallowe'en theme!
I know nothing of GoT
Question Author
Haha, nice one! :)
Question Author
...unless you really mean it...?
Have I made a funny? I only meant I've never seen the programme
Question Author
Ahh haha, it's a famous quote from the show, "you know nothing Jon Snow", said in a northern accent.
Nadia gets my vote;-)
Question Author
I wonder why that might be ;)
I thought Debbie and Aston were exceptional this week, and Davood much better than the judges rated them.

Not a coffin to be seen.

Ruth or Simon to go, please.
Question Author
Simon has to go this week! It wasn't a great week for most of the really, save the main frontrunners.

I thought Aston's was the dance of the night for me, just more visually stunning for me than Debbie's, much better music too.

I think Susan and Kevin's was meant to be much more comedy than it came across, was a bit cringey!
Yes, I was disappointed with Susan's dance, too.
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I was disappointed with quite a few of the dances. Not the best week but then last week was a great week for dances, can't have it every week. There was no mention of any injuries or sickness so not sure if the article I read was overplaying things or they just didn't have mention of any of it.
It was mentioned for Simon - he was only able to put in 8 hours rehearsal
Left me cold with the exception of Debbie (who, I've decided, I would definitely give the benefit of my experience to ;-) and Aston who I thought could pass as a pro.
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Thanks hc, I must have missed that.

I don't have Debbie's womanly wiles to sway me haha! I'm still
rooting for Gemma and Aljaz. Really not her best dance tonight but then apparently they have had issues in training due to Aljaz being injured. She did ok scores wise though.

Alexandra was very good as usual. I love Gorka! Both she and Aston are so natural in the way they move.

Some fantastic costumes and make up tonight.
I thought Alexandra was very good.
Simon surely has to go this week.
Question Author
It has to be his time. He just hasn't really improved. At least the others down the leaderboard like Ruth and Susan have shown some improvements.
I know that he missed some rehearsals due to his fall last week, but he shows no sign of improvement. Still has stiff as ever and dancing by numbers.

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Strictly - Week Six - Halloween Week

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