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gollob | 17:17 Mon 18th Sep 2017 | Media & TV
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On todays programme the question asked was how many cups of tea were drunk per day in the UK. The answer given was 165 million. Another question was how many chickens wings were eaten in USA during the Superbowl final and answer given was 191 million. How could anybody know how many They could just give any answer and nobody would know


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Stats like those are usually based on surveys done by certain groups.

The Tea Federation for example or similar.

^ That one I may have invented.
How many people called Dave are actually awesome ... 100%

[ data from the BDF ]

[ British Dave Foundation ]

i guess they find out how many cups of tea per day people in a samplr group drink, then multiply the average by the population
lol Dave
I thought the BDF had been disbanded for giving out false information?.........x
They can't disband us - we'e locked the phone box from the inside ...
And its getting a bit smelly in here.

I think you are over-analysing what is a daft show (by the sounds of it) that not many people are expected to's on at 6pm on BBC2....says it all.
Just how many Daves are in that phone box?....x
Definitely malodorous, yes!
Any BDF polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election !
Is it just me that thinks that there is something weird about Richard osman ?
Well, he was voted 'Weird Crush of the Year' in some magazine poll recently, but I don't think he's weird.
He has an eye problem which can look a little awakward when facing the camera.
One of the most boring game shows ever.
So which is the best game show in town ?
Only connect for me
I do love Only Connect but I've just noticed Sunny-Dave's typo in his post at 18.40.....I do feel sorry for all the other Daves locked in with him...... :-)
They cannot. Puerile, trash. BBC at it's finest.

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Richard Osman House Of Games And Silly Questions And Answers

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