Can You Stop The Press From Using Your Photos?

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trt | 12:24 Sat 16th Sep 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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As we have seen many times when there is an terrorist attack, the press publish photos of people being injured etc, like yesterday.

I particular wouldn't want my photo splashed across the papers,Can you stop them?


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I imagine you could try to get them stopped but they are printed very quickly in many circumstances.
Do you mean can you stop newspapers publishing photos that you have taken, or photos taken of you?
erm no I am pretty sure not
having been published and labelled incorrectly
( but I liked being called a solicitor so I didnt demand correction - 'PP has demanded we confirm he is not a solicitor but a self-proclaimed know-all' )
and yes the kids faces are blurred out
and they did that with the armed police too

I have photographed people and been told to stop
and said things like
You can shut up I will do what I like
No you can't. As long as the photographs were taken in a public place there is no way you can stop them being used.

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Can You Stop The Press From Using Your Photos?

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