Who Is Lexi In The Archers?

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scrabbler | 22:40 Tue 18th Jul 2017 | Film, Media & TV
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Radio 4 The Archers


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She is a Eastern European strawberry picker, working on the Aldridges farm. She is being given English lessons by Kirsty at the moment, although I suspect she will feature on the love life of one of the Fairbrothers Boys soon enough !
Crossed with Mikey, sorry.
No apology needed Mamy !
One of the pickers whose role is being built up, probably to dramatise the feelings of Europeans living here during the Brexit process. Decent, intelligent lass.
Bonny girl too.
Doesn't every female feature on the love lives of the Fairbrothers? I love it when the writers are being cringingly pc, it usually comes across as being very clumsy dialogue.
Sorry Rex and Toby, but I've got her pencilled in for Roy.
Could be Hoppy, could be !
She's older and got kids.

Mind you that hasn't stopped Toby in the past.
Roy would be a good choice, he deserves some happiness, though she will have to get round the increasingly annoying Phoebe who seems to becoming more like her mother every day.

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Who Is Lexi In The Archers?

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