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dannyday5821 | 20:09 Sun 12th Mar 2017 | Media & TV
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Does anyone remember a 90's UK TV show that was set in a court room. It was probably day time, very light hearted not based on anything 'legal' or serious - it involved people coming into 'court' over things such as fall outs with friends or relationships between mother and teenager daughter for example.

The audiance then completed a ballot ruling whatever they thought would best solve the situation between these two people, and during the ballot the presenter would ask random people from the audience what ruling they've chosen and why.

I can see everything! The 90s fashion, the court room setting, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the show!


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There was a series named Crown Court but I think that was earlier 70/80's.
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It wasn't crown court... this show wasn't set in an actual court room, and I believe there wasn't a judge. The studio was bright, with a white and light blue theme and was most certainly in the 90's.

There was a woman hosting the show, and two people would arrive to face the audience, talk about their issues, and the audience would then conduct a ballot, which involved literally putting pieces of paper into a box.

I'm guessing this was filler tv - so perhaps it wasn't too popular... but god its frustrating when I remember it so vividly just not the name!
The People's Court ?
was it a UK production as Judge Judy has around a long while.

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