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brainiac | 22:29 Thu 27th Oct 2016 | Media & TV
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Anyone else feel that too much of this just didn't ring true? The disclaimer at the start of the programme: "some of the powers of the state have been replicated using CCTV and ANPR cameras" left me wondering how much was set up and how much was real. Where did the camerapeople embedded with the hunted sleep? And they seemed to have access to vehicles that we weren't shown. The hunters couldn't possibly have had access to all the CCTV cameras (including those at ATMs) as was shown, nor would they have been able to intercept something sent by Royal Mail. Far too many lucky coincidences, and the hunters seemed to work out the extraction point very easily - just in time for a last-minute chase, exactly like the end of the previous series!


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i think that some parts are re-enacted facts
It's an entertainment show - if you were expecting a documentary, you were looking in the wrong place.

I have never watched this show - the entire premise is farcical, and I know without watching it that it will be edited and produced to provide entertaining television, which is not the same as accurate television.
I've never heard of the programme, but this might be of interest to you.

It sounds a bit like The Hunger Games to me.

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Hunted C4

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