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Only Fools And Horses Chess Computer

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ledow | 15:05 Thu 22nd Sep 2005 | Film, Media & TV
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In one episode of OFAH, Grandad is playing a chess computer (actually playing draughts on it).

Then Del comes in and starts playing with it as Rodney enters. Then throughout the following conversation, Del taps the chess computer and it says things each time, things like "Your Move" etc. which are obviously supposed to be comments on Del and Rodney's conversation.

My question is, what are the three(?) things that the chess computer says. I think from memory it's the first one that I never get to hear over the audience laughter and can't quite make it out but for safety's sake everything the chess computer says would be nice.


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One of the things it says is "Illegal move" when del is talking about tax havens or something. Later it says "Your move" after a point has been made in the conversation. Can't think of the 3rd though!

I was going to post the same answer as Loosehead but he ? beat me to it. Isn't it annoying when the audience laughter drowns out many funny lines, especially in repeats of classic comedy. Surely in this day and age the (canned) laughter should be cut out so viewers can fully appreciate the original script.

I always get extremely angry with the mindbogglingly insane evil idiots who falsely complain about "canned" laughter on sitcoms.


Comedy programmes with laughter on the BBC are ALWAYS recorded with a live studio audience, and they NEVER insert "canned" laughter, except in programmes which are obviously satirical.

Sorry bernado about "canned "laughter.

Should have known better and referred to it as "edited live studio audience laughter".

It's from the very first episode.  Everything the computer says as follows:

"A2 F2. Enter. Illegal move.  A2 B2.  Enter.  Illegal move."


"Illegal move."

Your move."

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Only Fools And Horses Chess Computer

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