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Off On Our Baltic Cruise....

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knowabit | 12:51 Wed 15th Jul 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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on Saturday!
Really looking forward to it... anyone been on one?
We board in Copenhagen and we go to Rostock in Germany, Stockholm (ABBA museum!) Tallin in Estonia and St Petersburg. Some of the places look beautiful.
Hoping for good weather.


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As your post is in Media and TV can we expect a TV show of your trip?
Only kidding
Have a good trip!
Question Author
Lol, I was def in Travel when I posted that!
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I could wear my head cam!
Hi knowabit.

Yes we went on one a couple of years ago. Excellent. Went to similar places but not Rostock, 2 days in St. Petersburg. Went with P&O I think. Went from Southampton and went to Norway, Denmark, Finland Sweden Estonia, and Germany.
Did it in 2010...absolutely brilliant if the weather is right. If you'd like some tips, read my cruise review at
Have a brilliant holiday knowabit x
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Thanks all x
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Great review sddsddean!
Tallin is absolutely beautiful and quirky. St. Petersburg and the Winter Palace were fascinating but the climate was very hot! Enjoy your cruise, knowabit. Bon voyage.
have a great time and get out there beyond the tourist traps if you can!
Have you not joined your roll call on cruise critic so you can share private tours with fellow passengers?? That is the only way to see St P so you are nit herded around with loads of people from the ship's tour.
have a lovlee time xx
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Hey auntie, we are going on the ships tour in St Petersburg. Family member we are travelling with has booked and paid for it already.... They paid for our whole cruise so can't complain!
can I come ??

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Off On Our Baltic Cruise....

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