Youre So Money Supermarket....

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gina32 | 20:13 Tue 20th Jan 2015 | Film, Media & TV
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The advert with sharon Osbourne, brilliant, anyone seen it?


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If you're on about the one with the guy who's wearing tight shorts and heels ... I think it's *** .... each to their own I suppose ....
*** = c r a p ..... by the way :)
It's memorable- but I'm not sure there's any need to have Sharon Osbourne in it
Hadn't seen it till you mentioned it - comical.

Big names sell apparently FF.
She only does a few seconds at the end though- her bit seems boring unnecessary to me when the rest is so memorable, but I suppose if she will be a constant fixture in a series of ads I can see that it may help people remember the brand
I think her appearance at the end is the continuation of her voiceover of the Ad, unless I've misheard.
Think its quite grotesque IMO (and I don't mean Sharon Osborne)
I can't stand this advert - it makes me squirm! Not funny IMO.
Hubby just asked what it was all about. I don't know tbh. What's it got to do with Money Supermaket?
I always thought that adverts were meant to try and persuade you to go and buy/use their products/services.
Well ..... the impression I get from the advert, is that if you use Money Supermarket, it'll make you want to dress up in high heels and a ludicrously tight pair of shorts and go and shake your ass out on the streets.
A few years ago, maybe .... but not today thanks ........
I thought it was great ! Really funny, but then some of the ads are better than the actual programmes these days !
I thought it was amusing, some people with do anything for money.
I was told about it yesterday and looked it up on YouTube. By this afternoon, word had spread around work and by this evening, I noticed it was trending on Twitter and Facebook.

It's done precisely what a good ad is supposed to do - generate 'traction' (ie. it gets people talking about it, and by extension, the brand). Whether that then translates to increased sales is another matter, but I personally think it's very funny indeed...

As at the time of writing, the ad has generated 343,168 YouTube views.

I think it's done it's job.

What does it have to do with Money Supermarket's products? Nothing...but then again, that's not the point of 'brand awareness' advertising - like the Cadbury's gorilla drumming to Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight', it's there to create a buzz.
I think its more likely to put people off them..... absolutely appalling advert and the guy must be absolutely desperate to agree to appear in it....
I think it's very funny. The chap has great legs! And can walk in heels better than most women can! Shake that as.!!!
I find this advert very cringeworthy, I may remember the advert but no way would it make me use their product, in fact quite the opposite.
Still have no idea what was being advertised.
.... looking at the replies .... it could be advertising Marmite .... people either love it, or hate it :)
I understand and love marmite
Apart from that Osbourne woman, I LOVE that ad. I like the longer version where he does a dance in the street with two others. I love his killer heels. I'm sure the ad will eventually annoy me but at the moment, I still like it. It's great and I'm sure that man gets a lot of teasing from his friends, but hey, so what.? It's a bit of fun in this kkrappy world.

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Youre So Money Supermarket....

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