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Watch Along With The Great British Bake Off - Episode 2: Biscuits - Bbc One 8Pm

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AB Editor | 16:14 Wed 13th Aug 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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They say and Englishman's castle is his biscuit tin.

... that's right isn't it?

Anyway, it might as well be for today! Today the Bake Off contestants face the world of biscuits.

And not just any biscuits. No, this evening our intrepid bakers will be launching themselves into the art of stage design too - a 3D biscuit scene.

Whose biscuit team are you on?

Want to catch up on last week? Visit here:

NOTICE TO GRUMPY PEOPLE: If you are posting here to complain about the Great British Bake Off being on again, how "boring" you find it, or to ask "what's the point" you will be suspended. This is fair warning. To be absolutely clear: we don't care what you think about GBBO :)


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I love it - so no complaints here!
Another fan here.
AB Editor...surely I'm not the only person who buys a packet of double chocolate biscuits to eat whilst watching TGBBO?
Incidentallly, I *do* have one serious complaint about the show. There's never enough savoury food. I remember in the first series, there were plenty of sausage rolls, cornish pasties and a beef wellington if memory serves.

But the last series was all about the sweet stuff.

Not right.
Well, I BAKE double-choc biscuits to eat while watching it! Well, I'd like to.....
I love it but I'm not baking at the moment because I need to cut down. So I shall be salivating and hoping that one of the judges is take ill (not seriously, obviously) so that I can take his/her place
That lad who works in IT was *extremely* lucky not to have been given the elbow last week.

I like the show, but what I find really funny is that now the BBC has hit on a winning formula, they're trying to replicate it all over the show...

The Great British Sewing Be, and The Big Allotment Challenge spring to mind immediately.

Love Bake Off. I like Jo Brands Extra Slice too .The young lady who couldn't believe she was crying over cake and had to leave last week was so entertaining when she appeared on it .
Naturally I'm supporting Norman - he's from a village approx. 30miles from me.
"They say and Englishman's castle is is biscuit tin.

... that's right isn't it?"

Er... no, on so many levels.
Sp, you leave the Great British Sewing Bee alone, I love it as much as I love Bake off ;)

Sorry, but TGBSB has one thing that TGBBO lacks...

Patrick Grant.

If you look up the word 'suave' in the Oxford English Dictionary, there's no definition. There's just a picture of Patrick Grant:

Sorry - just reread your post, and now realise you and I are of the same mind.

However, after each episode of TGBBO, I think, "You know what? I'm going to make a Victoria sponge tomorrow!"

Whereas I've *never* thought, after watching an episode of TGBSB, "I'm going to make a bias cut pinafore dress tomorrow".
Haha, now I on he other hand did get the sewing machine out, though I think it would be fair to say that I should stick to the Victoria Sponge.....

And yes, ding dong to Patrick Grant, he's very easy on the eye, Paul Hollywood doesn't even come close. ;)
but he has a beard .... yuck
Yeah, I must say, i'm not mad about the beard, could probably suffer it though ;)
I fancy cheese and biscuits now.
I wish they would show more of the actual bakes.....hopefully they will as the series progresses and there are less contestants.
I like watching it, just wishing that I was that good.
As you say, there are probably too many to focus properly.

Richard was a worthy winner tonight but I thought Luis had the edge on him, mind you, we don't actually taste the food do we.

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Watch Along With The Great British Bake Off - Episode 2: Biscuits - Bbc One 8Pm

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