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merylpeep | 12:11 Tue 04th Mar 2014 | Media & TV
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On BBC1 yesterday evening, immediately after The One Show, viewers were told that if they pressed The Red Button they could get the first glimpse of the UK entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. It was a very ordinary song by a totally unknown and ordinary singer, and I can guarantee it stands little or no chance of getting much more than nil points. The obviously partisan (I wouldn't be surprised if they were paid) went nuts for it, yet even that genre of music would never appeal to the majority age group attending. Strikes me as very odd that the BBC should just introduce an unknown artist - especially one who seems neither gorgeous nor gifted - and, without giving the license-payers any choice in the matter (particularly any choice of songs or artist), just announce that her song will represent the UK at Eurovision. Do you think there may be more to this than meets the eye? Here it is, by the way:


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Stands absolutely no chance
''Do you think there may be more to this than meets the eye?''

The singer is the niece of Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC.

Ok, so I made that up but it's as good a reason as any...
in the bbc's defence they probably realise that nobody cares
Maybe they didn't put it to the license payer vote because no one is interested any more.
We produce some of the best music in the world. Why do we still send second rate singers to an embarrassing third rate contest we have no chance of winning?
No established artist worth their salt is going to sing in the EV, they'll be beaten by some ridiculous Ukraine/Armenian/Bosnian (enter whoever) and loose credibility.
I think we should give this stupid contest the elbow - waste of time!
I'm afraid I didn't rate the song either. I suspect everyone connected to the Eurovision contest knows we don't have a hope of getting anywhere any more so they don't bother too much.
We could have One Dircetion singing and we would still have no chance of winning... It is the UK that gets no votes, not our choice of performer!
Time's up on the whole Eurovision thing for us. We should dump it or send it to channel 5 for the audience who still enjoy it as the gay icon it is.
Red button? Don't tell me you pressed it!
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