Inspector George Gently

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quizzywig | 06:15 Fri 28th Feb 2014 | Film, Media & TV
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Brilliant series sadly over now - hope there is more to come. Great acting from Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby. As usual the BBC does some great series - but 4 episodes? surely they could stretch it to a couple more! Although Shetland starts very soon with the very watchable Douglas Henshall - can't wait for that.


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Without wanting this to sound like I'm suggesting a threesome......I'm with Craft!
18:33 Fri 28th Feb 2014
Agree,but some of the dialogue was a bit iffy for 1969.e.g: "He would do it in a Heartbeat". never heard that expression in 1969.
I heard that phrase in the '60s, not with the capital letter maybe. Brilliant series, even at my age Martin Shaw is known as Sex-on-legs.
An elderly lady friend of mine once said she wouldn't push Martin Shaw out of bed!!!
Martin Shaw & Lee Ingleby are both lovely...older or younger man? I'm not fussy. :)

I've loved it, I didn't get into it until the previous series (drawn in by northern soul). Hope there are some more!
It's been excellent .Hope they make another series .
Lol..Robinia ..I think I'm a little bit in love with Lee Ingleby .
I agree. Great series. Martin Shaw is such a brilliant actor. Dignified and solemn, with understated bursts of rage and humour when it is called for. I could watch him over and over again. But don't they smoke a lot!! I suppose that is what it was like in the 60s. Can't be good for the actors, though.
We were talking about smoking in older-style programmes the other evening. surely an actor can't be expected to take up smoking for a role? Do the electric cigarettes produce smoke? Don't laugh, I really want to know!
I'm curious about the cigarettes too. There were a couple of scenes where the smoke was horrendous - if they were using real cigarettes surely they could be victims of passive smoking? Some people do still smoke, I realise that, but do the actors have to take up smoking to get the parts?
When I think about how I smoked in the 50s and early 60s, it must have been awful for people who didn't smoke. The tops of buses were for the smokers and you couldn't see through the smog! Also when we went to the pictures, the atmosphere was thick.
I gave it up in 1966, thank goodness.
According to Martin they're herbal cigs and they cause sore throats.
I quite like the series and I do like Martin Shaw but.........his accent does my head in, I always feel he is struggling with it :-(
I preferred him in Judge John Deed............and I definitely would.
Please tell me..... I don't watch this, but I've always thought that his name was George Gently (as in softly, pronounced Jently).

Lately on the radio they've been calling it Gently with a hard G (as in Ghent).

Which is correct?
Without wanting this to sound like I'm suggesting a threesome......I'm with Craft!
Boxtops, it's definitely "Jently" - It's been pronounced that way many times that way over the course of the series. The people on the radio probably haven't seen it either!

Thank you!
I like him in John Deed as well. the only time I didn't like Martin Shaw was when he was in The Professionals, many decades ago. And I agree that it must be Jently. He has introduced himself many times in the programme, using the soft G.

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