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mycatis | 21:42 Wed 03rd Aug 2005 | Media & TV
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has anyone seen this (on E4 or something)? It looks really good


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Yes, and it is.

The trailer that looked like a perfume ad was not really indicative of the show, but the current one is much better - though it's not really a big "action" extravaganza (as the explosion/crash shots seem to imply).

One word of warning: avoid spoilers at all costs - you'll enjoy it much more. Don't read the article in this week's "TV and Satellite Week" for instance!

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thanks LeMarchand I usually try and avoid spoilers anyway but its hard sometimes, looking forward to it now
I downloaded the whole of the first series and thought it was brilliant.Looking forward to series 2 starting in the US in September.
I've been waiting 6wks to watch this, roll on next Wednesday.
just checking- it hasn't started yet, has it? Because I'm planning on watching this one too.
wed 10th August 2005
g79: Sorry, I saw it on "or something".
Just wanted to say, it is really really good, and once you see one episode you're hooked, at least I was! A friend of mine didn't like it, but mysteriously she had to see it too :0) Now I'm just waiting for it to start up again!!!

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