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jeffa | 19:06 Tue 05th Nov 2013 | Media & TV
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Arguably the best quiz team in the country. When did people start thinking that arguably means probably? If they're arguably the best, they're just as much arguably the worst!


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ.'s a proper use of the word "arguably"...
I think they are implying that there is sufficient evidence to support the argument (or contention) that they are the best quiz team.
I don't think that, in this instance, it is a substitute for probably.
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Just me then! Fair enough :-)
As GB says, perfectly proper:
arguably the best 2 comments ^^^^
And the British love of understatement : "I have a place in the country" (I own Chatsworth), "I did a bit of swimming in my youth" ( I won gold in the Olympics), " I have a boat" (it's 95 foot and lying in Monaco), "We have had a bit of rain lately" (my house is under six feet of water) and so on.

Arguably means that it is possible to construct a reasonable argument in favour of the ensuing statement. Very British, and it means "In my opinion it is certain that..."
I scream inside when the presenter says "The eggheads have done what they do best"

Why oh why does he say the same thing every day?
What a pity this is a multiple choice format. For that reason I don't bother with it. Arguably not really a proper quiz :-)
.....because most people accept these formulaic progammes in which the host repeats certain phrases in certain situations. Pointless is another example. This approach is indicative of the mass production methods used imo.

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Eggheads Introduction

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