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EcclesCake | 19:38 Thu 04th Oct 2012 | Media & TV
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I thought the new series of Homeland was starting on a satellite channel sometime soon. I've just seen that Homeland is on ITV tonight and it doesn't appear to be the first episode.

Have I missed the start of Series 2?


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On my planner the first episode of Homeland season 2 is on Sunday channel 4 at 9pm x
Sorry Eccles, it's Homefront which is on ITV tonight, different programme x
Yep, V&C is correct, the last series has been repeated lately.
This TV series is not the American one. It's a programme about the wives who live on British army base and how they cope when their husbands/partners are away.
Lol, watched that last week, wasn't bad.
the itv series is called homefront
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Grrrr, stupid me. Yes, Homeland and Homefront are quite different!!!

Now need to find Red Dwarf to record......
I know Red Dwarf was on Dave tonight at 9pm....

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