Homeland,,,,,,,,,,,spoiler Alert!

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anneasquith | 11:51 Wed 13th Nov 2013 | Media & TV
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im confused, is carrie pregnant,who is the father. TIA


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The bloke she picked up in the supermarket.
If I remember rightly, they were 'doing it' on the stairs!
Saul....LOL....LOL......just a joke....sorry.
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SQAD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,saul is 'past it ' :)
This is TV land - are you lost, sqad?

Shouldn't you be in Celebrity Gossip?
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so, couldn't be brodies baby ?
When was the last time she slept with Brodie? I'm very confused with the timeline at the moment.
Why don't we wait and see?
She had loads of test kits in her drawer though. Why?
They were all positive as well, could her medication give her a false positive I wonder.
Brody was the father. At one point in last night's episode Carrie said that she thought it would be keeping a part of him alive....or words to that effect:)

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Homeland,,,,,,,,,,,spoiler Alert!

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