William Roach (Who Do You Think You Are)

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Caribeing | 22:23 Wed 26th Sep 2012 | Media & TV
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William Roach doesn't he look fantastic for 80years, trendy and articulate
programme really interesting searching his family history.


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Yes, he looks 10 yrs younger.
I think he's marvellous for his age.................I don't think the programme was one of the more interesting ones.
Yes he does, but doesn't he love the sound of his own voice. He kept talking over the other person and practically took over. I was embarrassed for him. He certainly likes to be in charge.
I really enjoyed this programme. Switched it on by accident and then stuck with it. I looked up his mother on the 1911 Census and saw that she was back living with her parents and one sister.
He looks really good, but I agree with ladybirder and I find myself disliking him - an arrogant man full of himself. He is rather false in my opinion.
plain dirty bugger - when it comes to the Street.
Like Craft, I didn't think it was that interesting compared to some of the others.
And in real life apparently DT, from what he says!!
The clue is in the title.....

Ken Barlow
I hate to admit it but my favourite so far has been Boris Johnson..........
I think that the next one will be good - it's Celia Imrie - I think that she's a really good actress, especially with Victoria Wood. I found William Roach rather annoying, as other AB'ers have said, he kept talking over people.
But he does look amazingly good for 80.
I thought it was good, and Bill Roache does look young for 80, but has a good head of hair which does help.
Craft - when was the Boris Johnson one on? In this series? I missed a few. I love old Boris, he makes me laugh!
I liked Greg Wallace, all the family prejudice against his Great Grandfather turned out to be rubbish, he hadn't deserted the family etc. Wonder how his Mother took that news, it must have been quite difficult. We found a family secret in the 1911 Census and unfortunately it was too late to talk it over with those most affected.
I met William Roache about 10 years ago. He could easily have passed for 55 - full of energy and quick with his movements and his wits.

I found him to be very likeable. Easy to talk to and down to earth.
I got his autograph in the 1970s when he came to open a new shop in our town - he was quite a heart throb then ;)
A long way off being one of the most interesting ancestries. Mine (and other family historians I know), is a hundred times more fascinating but I'm a nobody and unlikely to be anywhere near as personable as William Roach.
Among the very best of WDYTYA has been Alistair MacGowan - well worth seeking out, and with a sting in the tail!
Yes it was very interesting, so much more than a lot of them this series, forever going on about one relative who fought in the war.

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William Roach (Who Do You Think You Are)

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