Who lived at 342 Greasepit Terrace, Bedrock?

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Blinky | 13:34 Wed 18th May 2005 | Media & TV
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Does anybody know the answer to this, and no, it's not Barney or Fred. It's a question on a quiz at work and it's driving me mad!!


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The Flintstones had several addresses (love that consistency!):

301 Cobblestone Way, Bedrock, 70777
301 Cobblestone Lane
345 Stonecave Road
222 Rocky Way

Perhaps his boss (who also changed his namee several times) lived there:

Mr Boulder 

J. J. Granite 

Joe Rockhead

Mr. Granitebilt

Mr. Slate.


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Someone else said to me it might be his boss, but we still can't find an address for him anywhere, and the fact he's got so many names might make it tricky!


Thanks for the names anyway Octavius! :0)

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Who lived at 342 Greasepit Terrace, Bedrock?

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