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rachaelersk | 13:18 Wed 18th May 2005 | Media & TV
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Ok so anakin skywalker in episode one is about 6 and then in episode three he is going to fall in love with the queen padma( or what ever her name is) well in episode one she is a lot older, so does she not age as fast or does he age fast? sorry but this seems odd? help?


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I have actually just answered my own question. I went to the star wars web site and it says Padme was 14 and Anakin was 9. So that only means 5 years difference which is fine. I am still suprised that that small boy in Episode 1 was supposed to be 9. He looks much younger. Still never mind.

She looks about 25 in episode one as well. Weird.

I always thought the story is set along time ago and far, far away making them aliens, so the age and looks thing doesn't apply.
It's a film!

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