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Anybody see Doctors today - I have complained to the BBC

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DTCwordfan | 18:37 Mon 25th Jul 2011 | Film, Media & TV
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Yes, I was in today, writing and had Doctors come on after the 1pm News. I couldn't believe it and have fired off a formal complaint to the BBC.

Who was the Turkey in their production team who allowed a story to go ahead involving some loon far right winger extolling racist and anti Muslim remarks at a "quasi EDL" meeting in a pub, after what happened this weekend?

Totally crass - anybody else see it? And if so, would you send in a complaint please...


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no i didn't see it, so will not be complaining.
As far as i know isn't Docotrs a sort of serial programme, therefore if you dont show one the rest don't make sense?
Question Author
I believe that they have specials, one offs and two or three programmes in their files and therefore contingency to the situation......
didn't realise you were talking of what's on telly, doctors the programme, that comes on lunchtime? perhaps its just one that slipped though the net, i doubt if it was deliberate.
the actors playing the racialists will no doubt get their come-uppance and be
shown what bigots they are.
I saw a doctor today and was prescribed Gaviscon. Is that what you meant or not?
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Sorry, but this gets my goat.
Every story line involving a tragedy, a death, a rape, a miscarriage, an abortion, birth, an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, storm, violence, addiction, love, bombing, shooting, mental illness, cancer, alzheimers, road accidents, in fact anything and everything will upset or offend somebody, somewhere.

Fictional programmes shouldn't be cancelled or rescheduled because of some news story, no matter how tragic. I don't want to live in a pretty pink, marshmallow world where I am treated like a toddler and the media is afraid of upsetting me. I can tell the difference between fact and fiction and I can use the off switch or change channels.

I want to see more gritty dramas please, and provided the content falls within the guidelines the writers should not be afraid of upsetting precious sensibilities.
Question Author
So you are going to watch "Clueless" tonight on DVD, hc

A certain amount of discretion should be adhered to, in respect to our Norwegian allies and friends. "Doctors" overstepped that decency line.
I disagree. Why is the Norwegian tragedy more sensitive than Joe Blogg's tragedy whose wife has been murdered in a mugging?
I have no idea what Clueless is, so can't comment on that.
it is a momentous day: i agree with DT
however, i have never been moved to complain about a programme, as i use the option mentioned - off switch
Our norwegian friends??? Oh yes, cos they do so much to help us in our times of trouble dont they. When Raoul Moat was on the war path, they were over here in their hundreds trying to sort him out. And the Cumbrian nutter Derrick Bird, they soon caught him!!!!Its about time we worried about what happens in our own country instead of everybody elses.Anyhow, perhaps you should get a job instead of sitting in front of the telly at 1pm.

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Anybody see Doctors today - I have complained to the BBC

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