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Noise from neighbours

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themalster | 01:06 Thu 03rd Sep 2009 | Law
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Hi guys, For the past year and a half we have had problems with the family next door. The husband works nights and once he has gone to work the wife has guests round. Now this may not seem to be a problem, but when the talking, sorry, shouting is still occuring at 12.30am from 9.15pm it is a problem. My wife and i have been round countless times asking the woman to keep the noise down as they have woken up our 2 year old several times (he is teething at the moment so it's hard enough getting him to sleep). I've spoken to the managing agents and said that they must surely be in breach of contract. They said they'd send a letter round there but even if they had, it doesn't seem to have done any good. In the past year and a bit we must have gone round there at least 2 or 3 times a week at different times after midnight. The walls in these houses aren't very thick and we can hear every word (albeit it is in African). We are at the end of our tether because every night my wife and I are not sure whether we will get a good nights sleep. I have stopped going round there because again, it doesn't do any good. I haven't been able to speak with the husband as he comes home once i leave for work and leaves for work before i get home. We don't want to be seen as miserable but it is really affecting our sleep

Can anyone offer any advice as we have kept a diary for the past month, but the noise occurs on different days

Many thanks


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If it bothered me that much I'd be taking a day off work and wait for the husband to come home.

Have you contacted the managing agent to see if the letter was sent and if there was any response? You can get mediation sessions with regard to noise problems where the 2 parties sit and discuss what can be done. I think you need to keep a diary to do that though.

Question Author
I haven't yet purely cos im trusting, and assumed they would have done. As i sit here typing, the laughing and shouting has got louder!

I will be calling the managing agents in the morning. Ive told them that the family are surely in breach of their contracts
I was going to say the same as in late for work and speak with the husband. Does he know his wife is having little parties while he's at work?
If the husband works nights I know what I would do. Put some music on really loud in the morning and go out for the day. Let him try and get some sleep! Perhaps then he will tell the wife to keep it down.
Question Author
Thats the problem! they aren't even parties, they are just family and friends. But when the husband is home it's never loud after 10pm
You have tried to reason with her, and she is obviously ignorant to your famiies needs. Contact environmental Health, they will send a letter to them saying they have had several complaints, so it could have come from anyone, she wont be able to pinpoint it on you. I know how you feel as I had this problem in the past, only with music coming on at midnight, it drives you mad. Get in touch wit E.H you have tried to be polite but clearly she isnt bothered about it. People eh!!!!
I bet he doesn't know then. Do the friends come when he is at home? Can you tape it and play it back to them?

I'm not a good sleeper but I'd be really unhappy if I was disturbed on a regular basis.

Good Luck - you need to do something before you end up being driven mad!!!
Family and friends coming round the house and playing loud music = parties.
Question Author
Thank you all for your advice. I will be contacting the managing agents in the morning, telling them i will be contacting the council.

To be honest the woman is so ignorant, and clearly has no respect for us that i dont care if she knows it's us that have complained. Wish i could sort this out myself but i am a law abiding person!!!
Maybe you should change your stance.....brick her windows..!!

Question Author
It has crossed my mind, even mates have offered to help me sort the problem, but i wouldnt want to get in trouble!
E H will write to them saying they have had a complaint and basically ask them to contact them if they disagree and remind them that they have a duty etc etc and can be prosecuted.

If it continues they will need to take recordings of the noise level and decide whether there is a case.
Ive actually reported someone today to environmental health! Sound like a ight moaner dont I lol, someone that lives over the back of me has about 3/4 dogs and has been letting them out to yap constantly, from about 6.30am, waking me and the kids up. It was easy to do, it doesnt matter if its a privately owned property of council, they will forward the complaint in the right direction...Good luck and lets hope she gets the msg!!!
Lol at Ummmm, or you could knife her mates tyres, that will put em off of coming round all the time!
Thurs 03/09/09
00:42 Lol at Ummmm, or you could knife her mates tyres, that will put em off of coming round all the time!

Don't do that they might not be able to get home and might stay for even longer - lol

OK....key the cars :-)
caththecrazy, I did think that after I submitted it lol, stick with bricking the windows then lol! ;o)
I think me and ummmm are on the same wavelength here! Have you had a bad day too ummmm?
Yea...can you tell??
It's no wonder people take the law into their own hands - enough to drive you crazy - note my name...

Maybe you could ask your landlord to redocorate with that paper I can't remember the name but it does help to block out noise

Or get someone to kidanap the wife....

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