how long does it take from court eviction order to bailiffs?

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blimbyrne | 14:12 Thu 05th Jun 2008 | Law
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My unfortunate neighbour is paranoid, possibly with delusions or schizephrenia. I have contacted GPs and social services, they are not interested, finally i asked the landlord to ask her to leave, he did, she did not. Earlier this year she broke into my caravan and turned the contents over, the police were called, eventually they decided to take no further action. The landlord went to court and got an order for her eviction-i'm not sure if it was a posssession order-would it have been? When will the bailiffs actually become involved because i do not think this woman is going to leave under her own steam- her conception of reality being somewhat skewed?


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Once the order has been given there is normally 2 months notice and then it could be any time after that. Do you know if the possession order was successful, it's not that easy to get people out unless there are specific circumstances which allow the landlord to evict.

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Waiting for the landlord to call me. Christ! I've been camping out at a friends house since september waiting for this to resolve itself ( single accomodation is not so easy to come by in this area)!
Why did you ask her to leave? I would probably do your place over too if you tried to kick me out of my home.

Sounds like you're the one who should leave if you don't like her.
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Tho she is disruptive, has broken two of her own windows, verbally abused me, the landlord, and his family, hasnt paid any rent since the original eviction notice (sept 07)....
Ah well, you didn't mention any of that.
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The agreement always has been, that as the longest term tenant i get a say in who lives in the other caravan, even she said she would leave if i was not happy with her as a neighbour. i did try and live with her, hell, i shout at the telly too. but i do not scream abuse at people for sitting in the garden, feeding the birds, or accuse them of being 'pregnant with the antichrist'. You get the picture? I couldnt cope with screaming and banging, and finally asked her to make less noise at night after an all-nighter of loud music- one tape, repeated at half hour intervals- she exploded. i went out for four hours, came back and she started up again. This had started to affect my health, hard to eat or sleep with adrenaline making your hands shake. so i cracked and went to the land lord. Her excuse for smashing the padlock off my caravan was that she was being evicted from her caravan, so she could move into mine!
I don't know what type of tenancy agreement you have - it will almost certainly be different from those for a house or flat. However, if the landlord has actually obtained an eviction order from the Court it is normally only 28 days notice that is given unless there are very good reasons for it to be longer.

You need to ask the landlord to show you the Court papers so you can be satisfied what has been done, & then find out what is happening about the eviction.

If you are concerned about police & social services lack of action you could try to involve your local Councillor to see whether he/she can get anything done - from what you say it certainly seems that social services should be involved, but sometimes it seems that if the person who is ill is not willing to receive help nothing gets done until too late - e.g. if (heaven forbid) she commits a serious offence).

Incidentally, a possession order and an eviction order are in effect the same thing. But - depending on the precise terms of the order - it may be necessary for the landlord to return to Court to ask for the order to be enforced. This would apply if the tenant simply disobeyed the order & did not leave. So it may be that there is an evition order but the landlord has done nothing to enforce it. If he does, a date would be fixed for bailiffs to come & carry out the eviction.
would it not be better for both of you, if you could phone the police or ambulance next time something happens,and have her sectioned to a mental health facility? you would have your peace and she might get the help she needs.
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After the break in the coppers advised me to always call them & not try and deal with her myself, i have called them, so has the landlard on a different occasion. She was interviewed by a psychiatrist when she was picked up for the break but they decided she wasnt ill.
Lousy as i feel about ratting on somebody i may take this to the councillor, this womans life is not going to improve on its own, her previous tenancy-just down the road-ended the same way, and i understand her daughter hasnt talked to her for 10 years because of her behavior, i'm fairly sure no one associates with her any longer.
Thankyou all for your help.

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how long does it take from court eviction order to bailiffs?

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