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mgba_78 | 15:59 Tue 06th Feb 2007 | Law
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We have our home for sale with an estate agent, but our neighbours have approached us and asked to buy. what is the situation with us having a sole agreement contract with the estate agents and us not selling through them?



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This very much depends on Agent's terms and conditions. They may be entitled to fees even if you yourself find a buyer. "Sole agents" ans "sole selling rights" aren't the same, and the Contract appointing the Agent is what counts.
Why not take your property off the market, then sell to your neighbours?

A couple down the road from me did that & have saved a fortune :o)

I wish I had thought of it when I sold my house several years ago..I was approached by a neighbour, but still sold through the agent. That estate agents sign was darned expensive!
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Sorted, no fees are incured, and we have now sold it to next door and saved �3k fee to the estate agent
Well done!
Be prepared to get a bill from the Estate Agent when they find out. Sorry but I would not be a bit surprised. Was there a sign outside .... if your neighbours were alerted to the house being for sale because of it then that is what they will argue.
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Phoned the estate agent concerned and he said no fees.
House had only just been valued and no for sale board and not advertised anywhere yet.
Oh well brilliant news then.... didn't mean to scare you .. but my friend did the same and ended up in Court and lost, but in your case looked like its all ok !

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Estate agents fees etc

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