time off from work with 13 year old where do i stand

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dawnskipots1 | 12:59 Sun 22nd Oct 2006 | Law
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i am a single parent in full time work, my daughter is 13 years old, where do i stand when i need to take time off with her due to illness, hospital or doctors?


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Hi dawn, It would depend on your employer. As a amanger I have a certain amount of discretion on this sort of thing would allow a certain amount of 'personal' leave to my staff but at the end of the day I have to be consistant and as employee's we are under contract to the company and are expected to deal with our personal situations appropriately. On balance I would think you should save a certain amount of annual leave to take off for this but for unforeseen circumstances your employer may be able to offer you some flexibility. Best thing to do is discuss with your leader/manager so that you know what to expect. Remember there should be a duty of care to staff, it depends in the environment you work in. Good luck.
The law states that parents are allowed to take time off work to care for dependents during an emergency.
This leave is not paid unless it is stated in the terms and conditions of your employment.

Appointments that have been made in advance cannot be classed as an emergency and should be taken as annual leave, or unpaid leave.

Unless your child is disabled, you are not entitled to parental leave as your child is over 5 years of age.

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time off from work with 13 year old where do i stand

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