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Going Court As A Witness

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AmyJ123 | 01:51 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | Law
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What do I except?

what is the best way to answer the defence 



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If you're asked a question by anyone, be that the judge or either barrister, pause for just a brief moment before answering, in order that you can collect your thoughts together first. Giving evidence can be stressful but just keep in mind that, no matter how much pressure you're put under, you're not the one who's on trial!

But remember, if you say anything which you know is not true you could possibly end up on trial - for perjury.


I'll expand a tad; say exactly what you are sure you saw or heard. Not what someone else has told you they saw or they heard. If you are 100% positive you saw something happen, don't let the lawyers browbeat you into doubting your own eyesight or hearing.

You should be just fine.

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Going Court As A Witness

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