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Ex Partner Speaking

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Goodman21 | 19:27 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | Law
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my ex partner is telling everyone about the accusations she is also a witness in the case is this allowed, I haven’t even been charged and people are already accusing me 



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Bednobs is an innocent - I understand 

gottle of geer: gottle of geer - do not say ANYTHING.

No comment is a bit severe. " The police are involved and I cannot speak / I have been told not to speak"

Do NOT join in. Vitally important. 

Do NOT say - Libel that is! I will sue for  libel! because 1) you cant and 2) you are joining in.

Just button  it and wait.

[someone on tel, involved in the Mormon book scandal - selling on books Brigham Young had NOT owned - said " They tell you not to speak to the police. I know. I did and did two years" - handling stolen goods}

shush not a word

If this is linked to a previous post, it'd make much more sense if you told us so. And the 'is this allowed' would make sense, could perhaps be answered, if there was an  actual context!

god he has only asked two questions !

the stalled case in q 1 - the girl is blabbing - q2 what does he do? answer - Nothing

makes perfect sense and my advice is good.

( ay hev also been the subject of false malicious allegations and it gives you a different view of the world)

silence is golden

-- answer removed --

Yes - you've not been charged, there is no "case" at present. People can say what they like - short of being slanderous. 

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Ex Partner Speaking

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