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Out On Bail No New Evidence

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Goodman21 | 12:14 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | Law
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Hi I’m out on bail, it’s been 2months now but my solicitor hasn’t received anything from the police, no updates or new evidence what does this mean ?



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it means that the wheels of justice grind slowly.

People can be on bail for enormous lengths of time

depends if you were charged or not

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I haven’t been charged just bailed for further investigation 

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I’ve never been arrested so this is all new, the allegations are quite serious and I no I’ve not done them so I’m stressed and very scared 

I think you can only be on bail for 3 months without charge.

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What’s the likehood or charges being dropped if there’s no new evidence, ? Will I be re bailed ? 

you can be re-bailed.  It depends on a lot of factors.  If you are already paying a solicitor ask her - she'll have all the details whereas we dont

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That the thing I’ve been regularly asking my solicitor for any info with just a reply of nothing new, is this normal practice or not 

Yes its normal practice - a full investigation will need to be carried out.

You say its a serious offence - the police will have several cases to investigate not just yours.

You will have to wait.

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Thanks Helen, if I am charged what should I expect to happen next, will I get re interviewed 

after the initial 3 month period, the police have the right to extend your pre-charge bail to 9 months, in three-month increments. After 9 months, the police must get permission from the Magistrates Court to extend your bail to a maximum of 12 months from the initial date of release.  

This is a very good link - loads of information - something your own lawyer should have provided you,for%20a%20variety%20of%20reasons.

Your bail can be extended for a further three months if authorised by a police officer of the rank of inspector or above, and for three months after that (so nine months in total) if authorised by an officer of the rank of superintendent or above. After that, the police must apply to the Magistrates' Court for a further extension of bail, though this can only be for a further three months.

There are different rules for certain "designated offences" which are investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, the National Crime Agency, the Financial Conduct Authority, His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, and cases prosecuted by the Director of Public Prosecutions).

can you tell us what you were accused of?

...can you tell us what you were accused of?

Since he has not yet been charged, it will only be "suspected of", piggy.

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Out On Bail No New Evidence

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